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White Oaks and Lincoln State Monument and Fort Stanton

Back in April while at the Valley of Fires Recreation Area, we took a day trip to White Oaks, Lincoln State Monument, and Fort Stanton with the primary objective to obtain photos for the New Mexico Centennial “Get the Picture” … Continue reading

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Campsite Countdown – Reviews of the sites from the beginning of our camping adventures.

Looking back at the campgrounds we have been during our first year of our new adventure. 1.  City of Rocks: This was the very first campsite.  We didn’t know what to expect from the entire experience.  On this very first … Continue reading

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New Mexico Get the Picture – Photo Day

Had a great time with hubby as we drove around the Jemez area and picked up several photos for the New Mexico Centennial Get the Picture contest.  We had a great drive and checked out some of the campgrounds in … Continue reading

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Get The Picture – Four More Matches

New Mexico Centennial “Get The Picture” contest.

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Silver City

Another stop we made while staying at the City of Rocks, was Silver City.  I am sure there are lots of things to see and do in the town of Silver City, but you will soon find out as you … Continue reading

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