Sssssshhhh……Rockhound State Park

And I thought the City of Rocks campground was quite.  Yikes Rockhound State Park nearly at full capacity, was eerily quite.  Arriving around 10AM we were worried we were walking everyone up as we tried to quickly unhook GURTIE and get GROVER backed into position, because there was not a sole around and all the curtains in the RV’s were pulled.  As the day went on, we took a hike, stopped by the visitors center, came back to the campsite and had a sandwich, and still no noise, no noise at all.  In the evening as we were sitting out in our campsite, Jim commented, “Look honey, over there, there are kids running and playing and there is still no noise.  It was awesome, but still a bit eerie.  Here are some photos of Rockhound State Park.

Visitor's Center

Our Campsite

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