Let’s Talk Scrapbooking

Just as pieces stitched together in a quilt warm our bodies, scrapbooks bind together memories to warm our hearts.” ~Author Unknown

Another passion I have is scrapbooking.  It does go with photography and travel, but I also scrapbook lots of family photos.  Ever since I can remember I was drawn to peoples scrapbooks, looking into past lives and places.  I have been scrapbooking in some form or another since I was a young teenager, unfortunately, not many of those early memories survived.  Recently my husband’s sister and I went through their mother’s scrapbooks, but sadly there were many photos missing names, dates and places of events.  It was actually frustrating for my husband and his sister trying to to figure out faces and places and timelines so they might determine the content of the photo.  I am now trying to do a better job at labeling the photos so that future generations won’t have as difficult a time identifying photos.

I actually began scrapbooking in earnest, and even reluctantly, about 16 years ago.  The scrapbooking revolution had been in fashion then for several years.  I had been photographing all the while, but had steadfastly held firm to the belief that if I scapbooked those photos (and by scrapbooking I mean the presentation of the photos on embellished pages), that the photos would somehow loose their importance.  My very first scrapbook page was of an old photo of my husbands family

Sadly the only caption can be "This is somebody in Jim's Family history, but we don't know who?"

This photo inspired me because of the corner being damaged and I was struggling to come up with some easy way to cover the damage.  I thought the flowers softened the harsh tears in the cardboard and were still in keeping with the age of the photo.  Sadly we have no idea who these people were.  My husband believes they were his father’s side of the family, but there is no one left to identify them.  This is what makes the significance of dating and identifying your photos so very important.  I know I was guilty of it myself, thinking, well I will always know this is  ”……..”, but little did I realize as time goes by, some of those memories fade, especially if the people in the photos did not remain in your life for long.  Also, even if YOU do remember who or what is in your photo, once you are gone, children and grandchildren may not remember and will struggle as my husband and his sister did to identify people and places, and wonder why the photo was taken and what was significant about it.  I realize even with my current phase of scrapbooking I have left out some important data, I will now tackle the arduous task of going back through the scrapbook pages ensuring that the significant data regarding the photos are noted for future generations.

The scrapbooking section has been added to my website www.tripswithtwo.com. I worked on the site a bit this weekend between going to pick up our TOAD, and then the normal house cleaning chores that must be taken care of on the weekend.

………Only two more days until Jim’s retirement!!!!!!!!!

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