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Several people have asked me to put a follow me/subscribe option on my blog, and I would love to.  However, I guess I am not quite as computer savvy as I thought I was.  I have read forums and searched the web for how to add this to my site, and can not for the life of me figure it out.  I am using WordPress, but is not my sight provider.  I show the subscribe plugin is activated and available for me to use, but I can not determine how to place that on my blog page.  It seems as if it were a widget I might be able to add it, and found some reference to making the plugin a widget, but the attempt to download the third party software to do this failed.

I so want people to follow me.  I want to make this an enjoyable experience and a fun place to be, but I can not satisfy your request at this time.  Should anyone happen to read this post and has knowledge of this situation, please contact me so that I can provide a requested service that I am sure will make my blog more successful.

Thank you.

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