Website – In it’s infancy, but up and running

Well I think I have finally decide on a format for my website,  I have long toyed with it, and it has gone through many incarnations, and nothing seemed to work for me.  I have so many interests and so much to share with everyone it is cumbersome and overwhelming to attempt to put it into some type of cohesive order.  But not getting my stuff out there has been driving me crazy, so I had to come up with something workable.

Since my sight is mostly about travel (other stuff will leak in shortly) I finally decided on a level of organization Starting with the homepage (or index page) listing all 50 states.  From there you can click on a state to begin your adventure.  The plan will be to include some fun and informational facts on each state, a link to that state’s department of tourism and their annual visitors guide.  From there, the page will be broken down by cities, places (attractions will be included on this list) [oops if you visit before I get home tonight to fix I just realized I put all the links in New Mexico under events, it was early when I was working on it this morning], and events.

Currently I have only a few states active, and only a few links available in New Mexico.  But I feel really good about the progress so far.  Just having the basic structure seems to have fired up my creative juices once again and I am ready to inundate the readers with fun facts, helpful information and hopefully wonderful adventures.

I hope that you will visit my site, and check back frequently as it grows and grows, and grows into something that will be useful and fun for all.

As always, I encourage any feedback and comments and would love to hear from you.

…….and just because it kills me not to include a photo, here is a digital scrapbook page I made of a photo taken on our 2006 vacation to Yosemeite National Park.

Digital Scrapbook Page

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