Yay – Finally Getting Some Interest – Now Down To Real Blogging

Well, is seems I am actually getting some interest.  Hard to obtain followers if there is nothing to follow.  But now that I see some activity has begun, I will start in earnest.  I found an interesting blog today in researching my route for our trip to Wolfforth, Texas (going to pick up the TOAD) a 1987 Sazuki Samurai.  We have been looking for one since we purchased GROVER.  Looks like a good one – hope we didn’t make a bad choice.


Our main use for the TOAD will be short trips from our campsite to other places of interest or hiking trailheads.  We are very excited.

I also purchased a camcorder so that I can video some of our drives and adventures.  I will be posting some here, and then links to more for each excursion on my main website http://www.tripswithtwo.com/

…….Anyway back to the great blog I found, http://cityofdust.blogspot.com/.  I will have a permanent link on the right hand side under blogs.  I can tell I will be using his blog frequently for content on my travels.  I find it very interesting to learn the history of the places through which I travel.

I will be attempting to set up a “follow me” plug in this evening.  Anyone have any expertise in this area, feel free to give me some pointers on the matter.

Countdown to husbands retirement 7 days, or 185 hours, or 11143 minutes, or 668614 seconds.  WE CAN’T WAIT.  Here is a link to the countdown clock, it is fun to use if you have anything coming up you want to countdown  http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html

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