Grover’s First Adventure

GROVER took us to Villanueva State Park for our very first adventure.  We arrived at the State Park at 5:30 on a Friday evening thinking that there would be plenty of room for us.  It was raining and we were anxious to find our space and get settled in.  To our surprise the campground was completely full.  Yikes, we had no idea.  The camp host was so gracious and showed us a place (not a designated camping space) that we could pull in for the night.  We hurriedly cooked our meal, BLT’s on the Coleman outdoor grill (we are determined not to get GROVER all smelly from cooking) and got inside and using the generator began heating Grover to get it all warm and snuggy inside.   This was our very first (non official) site.

GROVER's (unofficial) first space.

Jim’s sister Lou Ann and her boyfriend John were set to meet us there, and we kept waiting and waiting, worried, because we knew there was no where for them to stay.  No cell service so we could not call and let them know.  I was chilling in the overhead bed when about 9:30 I saw some lights coming down the road.  The gate closes at 7:00 but they had called ahead and the host had said he would let them in.  Jim walked down to see if the rig coming in was them, but every dog in the place started barking so he headed back not wanting wake up the entire park.

The next day were were able to get an electrical hookup space.

GROVER's first Official Space

The trip was everything we had hoped for.  We got to experience the trip with and without hookups.  We were able to assess what items we absolutely needed that we did not have.  We found out GROVER is the perfect size for us, and that we made a good decision when choosing our RV.

See my trail guide for the Viewpoint Lookout Loop trail.

Time to get ready for the grind of the workweek ahead so off to bed I go…….

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