Day Five – I missed Day Four

Busy, busy, busy, that is what I was yesterday.  Finalizing all the things needed for our first adventure in the RV.  We are still struggling to come up with a name for it, GROVER is leading the way.  GROVER stands for Great Rig Of Very Entertaining Roadtrips.  Eh, not sure yet, we shall see what comes with time.

This evening headed to Villanueva State Park. Seems like it will be a nice place.  It is only about an hour away and we wanted to do a short trip for our first outing, getting to know the rig, making sure everything is working.  We figured only an hour from home if for some reason everything goes to h e double toothpicks we can just pack it up and come home.  As well as the fact that only and hour away if everything goes bad, someone can come and get us.  Lets hope none of that occurs.

Obviously I will not be blogging tomorrow, so I will post the outcome of our adventure on Sunday when we return home.


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