New Mexico
State Abbreviation:  NM               State Capital:  Santa Fe                                Largest City:  Albuquerque
Area: 121,593, 5th largest             Population: 1,819,046 (2000)                       Number of Counties: 33
State Flower:  Yucca                     State Bird: Roadrunner                               State Mammal:  Black Bear
State Tree:  Pinon                          State Fish:  Cutthroat Trout                        State Gem:  Turquoise
State Colors:  Red and Yellow     
Major Industries:  Mining (potash, silver, copper, uranium), oil, natural gas, tourism
Major Rivers:  Rio Grande, Pecos
Major Lakes:  Elephant Butte, Conchas, Navajo
Highest Point:  Wheeler Peak, 13,161 above sea level
Lowest Point:  Red Bluff Lake, 2,817 above sea level
State Nickname:  Land of Enchantment