Oddly the White Oaks schoolhouse is a
pretty common photo round these parts,
and yet it took me quite a while to
identify.  Maybe it was because of it
being so common, I just could not
believe it was located in a place I had
only been to one time.  I think I kept
looking in places I had been frequently,
because in my mind I felt I had seen it so

The school was built in 1895 when White
Oaks was reportedly the second largest
city in New Mexico.  The two story brick
school building was built on the north
side of the valley. It had four rooms and
served au grades from kindergarten
through accredited college entrance
courses. Upon entrance into the school,
the room on the left was for grades one
through four, the room to the right for five
through eight. Up the stairs, the room to
the left was for nine through twelve and
to the right the kindergarten, for it had a
good heat source. The view from the
school was commanding, for one could
see the entire town from the upstairs

The last classes taught in the White Oaks
school were in 1942.