Next stop, Portales, for a shot of the
Tower Theater.  This photo took a little
research to identify, a GOOGLE seach of
Tower Theater Fire New Mexico led me to
the information that the theater had been
rebuilt after the fire as the Tower Twin in
Portales, NM.

I have never been to Portales, and was
excited to get to go to an entirely new
city.  We were using Kathy’s navigation
system on her cell phone, and when we
got to Portales the voice kept telling us
where to go, but we kept driving around
the small and uncrowded downtown area
in circles.  Why, well because we kept
driving right past the building not even
seeing it.  We even stopped and parked
right next to it, looking at the map on her
phone and my printed map and “saying,
we are right here, were is it?”  We finally
did see it and grabbed our shot.

We made a quick stop on the way out of
town at the Sunland Peanut Farm and got
some peanut butter and peanuts as gifts
for the families.

Burned March 10, 1978 - rebuilt the same

Closed June 24th, 2009