So, after lots of thought we decided to
buy a Jeep.  Although we love our
GURTIE (1987 Suzuki Samurai) we have
discovered her limitations.  The most
significant of which is that I can not drive
a standard transmission.  So canceling
our camping trip for this weekend, and
after we made this significant purchase,
we set out to snatch some of the
Albuquerque photos we had previously

The first photo was of the Pit.  The Pit is
a sporting venue for the University of
New Mexico, and as you can see the
building has changed significantly over
the years, and the original photo had be
stumped.  To me it looked like the pitch
of the roof was directly over the doors,
put this photo was one that was put up
on the New Mexico Fan Facebook page,
before pressure stopped the page from
posting photos, and I commented that I
did not think it was the Pit as the Pit had
a flat roof and this had a pitch, the Fan
Page pointed out to consider the angle at
which the photo was taken.  It
immediately made sense to me, and I
could then tell yes, indeed it was the Pit.