Our next stop was another "hard to
identify" photo, that I was able to identify
just days before our little excursion here.  
I was researching the Los Ojos bar and
grill for a lunch option when I used
GOOGLE street view to get an idea of
where we might want to park.  As I was
using the street viewer I saw an
interesting building and said to myself, is
that a church or a school.  I stopped
dead in my tracks (both on the GOOGLE
street view and in my computer chair) I
remembered saying the exact same thing
about a building in one of the photos I
had yet to identify.  I scrambled over to
the New Mexico Get The Picture Contest
Website to view the photo.  BAM! A
match.  I was thrilled.  I had looked and
looked for this photo.  Jim, Don (my
employer) and I had all thought it was a
town just north of Moriaty, Galisteo, but I
had walked that town through GOOGLE
street view, and every time I traveled
through it (which was quite often) looked
and looked.  Well of course it was not
there, it is Jemez Springs.  We did not eat
lunch at the Los Ojos bar and grill, as we
had just had a huge breakfast before
leaving Albuquerque, but Jim pulled into
the parking lot I jumped out of the car,
ran across the street and snapped the