And just a bit further down the road was the next stop.   The Soda Dam.  This is another
place I have been many times, and it is a very popular location.  Sometimes it is difficult
to find parking anywhere nearby.  We were lucky and found a  pull off that had room for
quite a few vehicles.  We parked and walked across the street the snap the photo.  I had
not taken the original photo with me to get the photo, primarily because there were so
many people around and frankly I was not sure that I would be able to approximate the
angle anyway, but I think I did a pretty good job nailing the angle on this one.  I took
several so as to be sure I would get one that would be close enough to submit.  I was
glad to see the rush of water here, it has been so very dry, and with the disappointment
of the water level at the tunnels I had expected that same thing here, but was pleasantly
surprised that there was some real flow over the falls at the dam.