Now for the search, we knew this had to be one of the covered walkways in or near the
Santa Fe Plaza, but we did not know which one it was.  A new version of this photo had
been taken and was being used on billboards and on the website promoting this
contest.  In the new version (in color) you could see what looked to be a turquoise wall,
and there was a stop sign which protruded through the beams.  We began walking up
all the walkways trying to identify which one it was.  We were walking toward the St.
Francis Cathedral looking down each walkway.  Nothing.  We tried to take photos of the
Cathedral, for me the lighting was not right and the building was “washed out” in all the
photos I took.  We were now headed to the north to cross the street and go back to the
Palace of the Govenors to see if the Native American vendor with the small rings had
returned so Kathy could look at them, and what did we see, THE WALKWAY!  Whew,
that was a great find.