And for our final photo stop before
heading home, (and we were pretty tired
by this point) was San Francisco de Asis
Church in Ranchos de Taos (right next
door to Taos).  With the assistance of the
visitor center in Taos we located the
church, snapped a photo and gladly
headed for home.  It was not until a few
days later when submitting the photos
and working on them for this scrapbook
did I realize we did not even walk around
to the front of the church to photograph

San Francisco de Asís Mission Church, c.
1772, is one of the best known and most
photographed churches in New Mexico.
The Spanish Colonial adobe building has
twin bell towers and an arched portal
entrance that overlooks an enclosed
courtyard. The interior has a large carved
reredos (altar screen) divided into painted
panels, a ceiling of vigas (beams) that
rest on elaborately carved double
brackets and a traditional choir loft. San
Francisco de Asís Mission is an active