The Fifth RV camping trip for Jim and I
was to Datil Well Recreation Area Not
planning on any day trips during this
trip, we left the toad at home, which freed
us up to detour a bit in Socorro to snap a
photo of the San Miguel Mission Church.
 This was an easy get as we were
traveling through Socorro at around 8am.

The main body of the church, which is
the part built between 1615 and 1626,
now seats about 250 people although
many more attended services in the early
1880s when there were no pews and the
people either stood or knelt on the floor.
In 1853 another wing was built unto the
church and this accommodates another

As it stood in the first decade of the 17th
century, San Miguel Church was of pure
Pueblo style of architecture, but in
restorations made after the rebellion of
1680 and through subsequent repairs,
many deviations have been made from
the Pueblo style.