The final photo in the Santa Fe area was of the San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe.  This is
said to be the oldest church in the United States.  I identified this by GOOGLE searching
churches in New Mexico and going through hundreds of images, finally stumbling upon
this one.  This was the way most of the churches were identified.  After getting this
photo it was time to head out of Santa Fe.  It was great to get so many photos all in one

The Chapel of San Miguel is the oldest church in Santa Fe. At Old Santa Fe Trail and De
Vargas streets, about two blocks from the state capitol, San Miguel was originally built in
1626, although nothing of that building remains. The Pueblo Revolt began, it is said, with
the burning of San Miguel. The chapel's sculpture of San Miguel, the church's patron,
was carved in Mexico in 1709. In 1710, the chapel was completely rebuilt. Later, in 1859,
Archbishop Lamy and the Christian Brothers of Santa Fe bought the chapel, and it
became a part of Saint Michael's College.