Back to camping on my birthday
weekend I was able to grab two more
photos.  Traveling up to the conejos river
area there are two routes, each of which
held a photo I needed.  One in Tierra
Amarilla (which I could have gotten on
the Blue Spruce trip, but had totally
forgotten about it until we were passing
by the town, and I had forgotten the
original photo in order to view the
correct angle), and one in Ojo Caliente.  

I was driving up to meet Jim for this trip.  
On the camping trips that I don’t have a
Friday off, we have decided that Jim will
go up early and I will meet him after
work.  This ensures we get to go, as
when we wait to leave until 4pm it is
likely in our area to encounter strong
afternoon winds which prevents us from

I was able to identify this photo by see
the T.A Hotel, and guessing that the T.A.
stood for Tierra Amarilla, (a moniker
often used for this town) and GOOGLE
street viewing the town and identifying
the building by its architecture.  The
photo in Tierra Amarilla was an easy get,
just detour off the main highway, snap
the photo and travel on another little
road that lead right back to the highway.  
I was disappointed again that I could not
obtain the photo without a vehicle in
front of it.

There were several abandoned buildings
in the town that I would have loved to
photograph, but I had been driving a
while and was getting anxious to get to
the campground.