One of the most difficult for me to
identify was the first one I took in Red
River.   I was given clues but nothing
concrete from comments on the New
Mexico Fan Page.  It was pretty clear
from te comments that it was Red River,
but I really had no idea where.  In
searching through GOOGLE maps trying
to identify the landscape I selected a
location where I thought it was.  Once we
got to the location, I could see that it
didn’t quite fit.  There was a young man
nearby who was operating a summer
tubing attraction, and Jim showed him
the photo.  The young man looked at the
photo and exclaimed “boy this is an old
photo, now let me see, what angle is
this?”  He began turning around and as
he got exactly 90 from the way we were
standing, he stated “that’s it” and he
proceeded to name off the names of the
peaks and mountains.  Thank You Jim,
without you asking this guy, I would
have missed this picture.