At the same time I submitted the first three
photos I had taken, I submitted this photo
which I had taken on a trip to the Quarai
ruins in 2009 with my nephew Steve and his
wife Jill.  The angle of the photo is very
close to the original, and since it was a
recent photo I wanted to see if they would
accept that as an entry, thinking it would
save me one place I would not have to “re-
visit” .  They did accept it.  This was one of
the photos I identified right away due to the
frequency of my visits to this location.

Quarai is one of three units in the Salinas
Pueblo Missions National Monument.  The
building in the photo is the  Nuestra Señora
de La Purisima Concepcion de Cuarac. It
stands 40 ft tall and once had walls that were
approximately 3 to 6 ft wide