The last photo in Carlsbad was the Pecos
Flume.  This was a little tougher to
identify.  I did some web searching with
the GOOGLE search being “bridges in
New Mexico” and low and behold after
just a few minutes of searching I found a
photo and located the subject.  

When visiting this site for the photo, it
was very interesting.  The structure was
crumbling and leaking, but still you were
allowed to drive right underneath it.  
There was a little trail to the top of the
structure, so the three of us, Jim, Sara
and myself took the little hike to see what
it looked like from above.  It was
crumbling up on top as well.  We were
really surprised that this structure was
still standing, and we wonder what the
future will hold for the Pecos Flume.