The Place of the Governors, which was
also identified almost immediately due to
my 2010 visit to the plaza, was next.  Here
the Native American’s set up their jewelry
and other wares to sell to the tourists.  
Interested in getting a gift for her
daughter, Kathy was searching for a very
“dainty” ring.  She saw a box of just what
she was looking for peeking out of the
corner from under a blanket, she picked
up the corner of the blanket to look at the
selection of small rings, when she was
immediately reprimanded “You are not
suppose to pick up the blankets and look
items if the are covered.”  Whoa!  Okay.  
Man that was rude.  We did not know.

We walked down the way a bit and took
the necessary photo and headed just
down the block to get the next photo.

Originally constructed in the early 17th
century as Spain's seat of government for
what is today the American Southwest,
the Palace of the Governors chronicles
the history of Santa Fe, as well as New
Mexico and the region. This adobe
structure, now the state's history
museum, was designated a Registered
National Historic Landmark in 1960 and
an American Treasure in 1999.