My very first photo is of the old Hilton Hotel in downtown Albuquerque
New Mexico.  This was one of the easiest photos to identify.

On June 9, 1939 the Hilton Hotel opened in Albuquerque
   opened at a cost of $700,000.00 to build.  It had 176
   rooms and was the tallest building in Albuquerque.  It was
   also the first building in New Mexico to have air

        In 1969 the hotel was sold and renamed the Hotel Plaza.

        In 1981 the hotel was sold again, but it was not re-opened
   until it was resold again in 1983 after a major renovation
   project reducing the rooms to 114 with four suites.  The hotel
   re-opened in 1984 as the La Posada de Albuquerque.

        In 2005 the hotel was sold yet again, renovated and re-
   opened as the Adaluz in 2009.  

It was impossible to take this photo from the same position as in the
original as a new high rise has been built and would completely
obscure the old Hilton if taken from the exact location.  I had decided
that in my attempt in obtaining these photos I would try to get the
closest angle to the original as possible.  I had to take this from the next
block up, and angle the camera upward in order to get the building
from the rear as in the original.

There were two other photos within a couple of blocks from where we
parked to get this photo, and one I walked right past, but did not know
it until I got home and began reviewing the photos on the website