The next 17 photos were taken on a
weekend photo blitz Kathy and I went
on.  Jim had a minor medical procedure
and did not want to be too far from
home, so Kathy and I packed up the
cooler and headed out for some major
photo taking.

We left on Friday after work and headed
for  Ruidoso, where the plan was to stop
for photo op, and get dinner.  We had
decided on eating at the Cattle Baron
restaurant.  I and GOOGLE MANNED the
two locations, and thought for sure the
photo op was a couple of blocks before
the restaurant with both being on our
right..  We were driving slowly looking
for the photo op and found the
restaurant.  As I was making the right
into the drive of the restaurant, I could
see that just ahead, literally next door,
was the photo op.  The Old Dowlin Mill.  
Great!  We just parked, walked over to
“Get the Picture” and then headed in to
eat.  I did not identify this photo I came
across blogs from others who were
finding photos and located it from their

The food was pretty good, but I did not
get my rare prime rib and settled for a
rare fillet mignon, which was not good.  
The appetizers were great and if I would
have gotten the medium prime rib as
offered I would have been much more
satisfied with the meat.

After dinner we headed to Roswell for the
night, and the next photo op would be
right outside Roswell.