On the trip home from camping I took the
alternate route which travels through the
town of Ojo Caliente the location of one
of the photos.  The photo is of the
Mineral Hot Springs facility.  I am not
exactly sure how I identified this photo.  I
can’t remember whether I got a hint on a
blog, or if I just guessed.  I know at some
point I GOOGLE street viewed it and
identified they building by the

It was another easy location to access,
but for some reason I did not take the
original photo with me to garner the
correct angle (it was right in the
car????).  I took a bunch of photos to be
sure that something would be close, and
the one I subitted was pretty close, but I
wish I had attempted to get that entire
wall on the right side of the photo into
the frame.  Obviously the front
landscaping has changed quite a bit, and
I am not sure I could have even gotten
the entire building in view anyway,
however I am extremely disappointed in
the way this photo came out.