Our next camping trip took us to
Pendaries RV Park , northwest of Las
Vegas, NM.  This is an area of New
Mexico in which neither Jim nor I have
spent much time.  I was excited to get
three more photos for the contest in the
area, and also to check out another RV
park on our year of evaluating our Rving
travels.  The RV park was crowded, and
once again seals the deal that RV parks
are not our first choice.  However, as RV
parks go, this one was more like a
campground than any I have experienced
to date.  No pavement and lots of trees,
but there were still to many people, and
too much stuff/things with these people.  
Oh yea and lots and lots of dogs.

The first adventure in our new jeep to the
first photo was exactly that, an
adventure.  The directions provided by
GOOGLE (which always maps the
shortest route not the best), took us up a
narrow one width wide road, where we
encountered several cars returning from
the destination which is the Armand
Hammer United World Collage.  We were
so glad to be traversing this road in our
Jeep, but also longed for our GURTIE as
this was the ideal situation for her.  I
could not belive this would be the main
road to a Collage, and after we took the
photo Jim spied a major road just
beyond where we were parked.  Sure
enough, a much easier road into this
location was there all along.  This
building was originally called Montezuma’
s Castle.

We encountered another photo taker at
this location, and that always makes me