On to Lincoln to snap the next two
photos.  These two photos were actually
quite easy for me to identify.  Unlike the
schoolhouse at White Oaks, I
remembered seeing these buildings
when driving through Lincoln and also
while researching Lincoln in the past for
a place to visit.  We zipped in, parked and
shot the first photo, and zipped down the
road a block or so and snapped the next.  
But while parked there, we realized, we
really wanted to explore some of the
buildings in this town (which is almost
completely a museum run buy the State),
so we went back to the site of the first
photo to pay our fee in order to access
the buildings in Lincoln.  

At the site of the first photo the old
Lincoln County Courthouse are many
exhibits mostly focusing on Billy the Kid.
 While we were in the old building there
were pretty strong winds in the area and
it creaked and groaned.  The building is
cracking and you can see monitors have
been placed on the cracks to record the
progress of the cracks.

The building was built as a store and
residence for L. G. Murphy in 1874.  The
Lincoln County War took place between
1878 -1881, so it must have become the
courthouse sometime around this time as
Billy the Kid was held here and escaped
after killing two deputies.