Lea Lake at the Bottomless State Park,
near Roswell was the sight of the next
photo.  Identifying this photo was one of
the tougher ones, Jim is actually the one
who identified this photo.  

I use to live in Roswell and had been to
the bottomless lakes several times and
had never been very impressed by them,
although I was anxious to re-visit them
with a new fresher perspective (I was not
in a very mentally healthy place back
when I had visited before) There are
several lakes to stop at before getting to
the largest lake, Lea Lake, and take the
photo.  When we stopped at the visitor
kiosk to pay our day use fee, we spoke to
the volunteer.  He was a happy older
gentleman who upon finding out we were
there to “Get The Picture” provided us
with a wealth of information about the
original photo and how to best capture
the same angle.  After leaving the visitor’
s station it appeared to me there was one
of the little lakes just down a short trail
from the building.  I went scampering
down the trail, excited, as I hear Kathy
shouting at me from behind, “watch out,
there’s a snake.”  I skidded to a halt and
sure enough, just a few paces ahead and
I would have stepped right on that
rattlesnake.  Yikes!  Our trip would have
been over before it started.

Lea Lake is 90 feet deep

Visability of the lake: 50-75 feet

Water Temperature: 62-68 degrees