The next photo was on the Plaza in Las
Vegas.  This building was easily
recognizable even though I have never
spent any time in Las Vegas, NM.  I must
have seen photos of this building many
times, and I just knew it right away.  

Arriving at the plaza in Las Vegas, we
found it blocked off to traffic, we drove a
block or so away from the plaza to find a
parking space and walked to the plaza.  
The reason for blocking off the plaza was
there was a bike (motorcycle rally) going
on in the plaza.  Oh boy!  Not Jim’s and
my favorite thing - Lots and Lots of
people.  We walked into the plaza
snapped the photo, and walked back
out.  Well now we can officially say we
have been to a bike rally, we just won’t
add that we were there for a whole 5
minutes - LOL.