To the town of Las Trampas.  Yup, that is
just utmost on everyone’s destination list
isn’t it?  Two photos were located in this
very very very very (did I say very) small
town, and can you believe we only got
one of them.  Yes.  One of the photos
(shown below) is the main (only?) road in
the town.  We passed right by this.  
However there was no place to park, so
since the next photo was just ahead and
had a big area in which to park I thought
we would simply walk back to this spot
and snag the photo.  Well as we were
walking back 7 or so dogs started
running out of their yards and barking
wildly at us.  I being terrified of dogs
panicked and calling after Kathy who was
a bit ahead of me quickly made haste
back to the car.  Kathy followed, thus
resulting in neither of us getting the

The photo we did get was the San Jose
de Gracia Church.