For my late birthday trip to Carlsbad Caverns this year it was time for Sara (my
granddaughter) to make her first trip down into the caverns.  Luckily there were also
four photos to take on this trip, the first one being in Artesia, a town we must pass
through on the way to Carlsbad.

Artesia has never been mine or Jim’s favorite city , but I decided to look at this city with
fresh new eyes.  In researching the location of the photo I found that there is a walking
tour of downtown Artesia where the photos subject was located, so we followed it, as
far as the photo op, which was the Land of the Sun Theater.  There is a cute little
walkway with fountains and water features,  created when one of the downtown
buildings burned.  We stopped to have lunch at a local restaurant, something we never
do, and it was very tasty.