On to Clovis to take a photo of the Clovis
Hotel.  Jim and I had just been through
Clovis a few months earlier on the way to
and from Lubbock to purchase our toad
GURTIE.  I did not like Clovis much while
driving through it then, and was not
really looking forward to going there
again.  But, I had to get the photo.

This photo was also identified by using
other knowledge.  To obtain the photos
was easy, just a block off the main
highway through town.  We zipped into a
parking space, clicked a few pics, and
then on the way to our next stop.

The elegant Hotel Clovis opened October
20, 1931 with 114 rooms.  The Hotel had
the first elevator in southeastern New

From my research it looks like the Hotel
Clovis closed around 1982.  It is currently
undergoing renovation as you can see in
the photo.