Our next camping trip took us to
Cimarron Canyon State Park.  One of the
reason for this locations was for me to
get 5 more photos for the contest, but
another was the fact that this State Park
seemed to offer quite a few walking trail
options that I wanted to check out.

The campground was a parking lot -
literally - all the RV’s are parked in a
circular pattern like covered wagons,
with the doors facing toward a picnic
table and a mountainside.  The park itself
is beautiful and Jim and I enjoyed several
walking trails, but the asesthetic’s of the
campground were not scenic.

The first two of the five photos in this
area I took on my way to meet Jim at the
campground in the town of Cimarron.  
Both photos were fairly difficult to for me
to identify.  And the first one, I am not
even exactly sure how I was tipped off to
it being a building in Cimarron.  I don't
know if I was scouring the historic photo
archives and found a photo of it, or if I
was looking up Cimarron for the second
photo after I identified it and found it.  
My mind is all a jumble of how I found
some of these, but anyway I finally did.

Taking the photo was really easy, except
for getting a good angle and the correct
light, but I had to work with what I had to
work with.  I really like the look of the
originally photo without all the brick a
brack around it as seen in the new photo.