Our fourth trip out, only thirty or so miles
beyond the Valley of Fires we stayed at
the Three River’s Petroglyphs Area.  I had
mapped out a day trip which would have
garnered me three more photos, but the
drive would have taken the majority of a
day, and we really felt like just “hanging”
at the campground.  So instead, I
suggested taking an slightly alternate
route home in order to grab the photo at
Gran Quivira.

Upon hearing that I was there for the
“Get The Picture” contest, the volunteer
stationed at the visitor’s center was filled
with information about the date of the
original photo and where I should stand
to approximate the angle.  He provided
us with some other very helpful
information about other trips we are
planning to take this year, and ones to
possible plan for in years to come.

I have been there many times, but it has
been years, and I have no photos even
close to the angle of the original.  This
photo was one of the very first I was able
to identify as I have been there so many
times.  This was a nice little side trip, and
one the way there both Jim and I (we
were driving separately on this trip) came
upon a group of four antelope that were
frantically trying to get back over the
fence but just kept running in front and
to the sides of the vehicles.  It was quite
a sight.