Next stop the Gilman Tunnels.  I have
been to the tunnels several times, and
this photos was one of the easier ones
for me to identify.  It has been a while
since Jim or I have been to the tunnels,
and the road up there seemed much
narrower than it had in the past.  We also
think that maybe we both had always
gone in the "off season" because we
don't remember encountering as many (if
any) people as we did on this day.  I have
photos of the creek (I don't think it is a
river ) that flows along side the tunnels,
and it has a fair amount of water and flow
to it, however on this day, they creek was
running, but just barely.  It made for
some nice wading ponds however as the
water pooled in ares building up until
there was enough water to flow over the
edges.  My photos show a fairly rapid
falls, it was pretty much just dribbling
over the edges of the ponding areas.  
There are two tunnels, and just to be sure
we shot both tunnels.  The angle of the
photo seemed to be a little bit different,
one has to take into account change in
the road layout (it was a railroad tunnel
in the original photo) as well as the
difference in equipment used.  We
snapped our photos and headed on our