On the way home from Rockhound State
Park we had planned on stopping at Fort
Craig to obtain a photo for the contest.  
Located just off I-25 south of Socorro, it
was right on our route.  In fact we had
attempted to go there on our return trip
from the City of Rocks (which had nearly
the exact route as the Rochound trip),
but when we followed the signs we were
routed onto a very narrow old highway
with single lane wooden bridges.  We
were not comfortable as the turn off to
Fort Craig was 11 miles, and we did not
know how far these bridges would be
present on this road.  Plus we were
backtracking 11 miles where there was a
previous I-25 exit that would have been
much closer to the Fort Craig road.  

We were right in taking the first exit as
the old highway at this point was a much
better (wider) road with none of the
single lane wooden bridges.  

The volunteer at the visitor’s center
realizing I was there to “Get The Picture”,
provided us with a funny (and insightful)
story.  The BLM personnel which manage
Fort Craig were not aware that they were
one of the “Get The Picture” locations.  It
was not until a gentleman had come into
the center showing the photo he had
gotten that they became aware of the
contest.  The volunteer knew from the
angle of the photo that he would have
had to go off the trail in order to get it.  
Apparently they (BLM) were frantic about
the prospect of all the people doing the
same thing , so they made a little path
with hand made signs to allow the visitor’
s to “Get The Picture” from the
appropriate angle

Sadly not much remains of Fort Craig,
mostly just the stone walls shown in the
photo.  It is a place I have been before,
and I did have a close angle to this
photo, but I did not feel it was close
enough to submit, plus it was fairly old
(It was taken when we still used film).