Our second weekend outing was to
Rockhound State Park just 12 miles
southwest of Deming, which was the site
of another of the photos needed for the

Our day trip was short one to get the
photo in and out of Deming in less than
an hour.

1916 - the building was built as the
National Guard Armory.  It was the first
Armory built after new Mexico became a
state in 1912 (New Mexico State hood is
the entire purpose of the contest)

During WWI and WWII the building was
used by the War Camp Community
Service, and the USO respectively .

1977 - the building was purchased by the
State of New Mexico and the Museum
moved into the building.

1978 - the building is designated ad State
Historic Site

1983 - the building was placed on the
National Register of Historic Places