The next photo was just a hop, skip and
jump from the bridge.  The visitor's
center at Coronado State Monument.  
This was one of the hardest of the
photos to identify.  With absolutely no
markings on it I found it impossible to
even research the building.  I obtained
the information on where this photo was
through the New Mexico Fan Page on
facebook.  For several weeks the page,
which is affiliated with the New Mexico
Department of Tourism, was posting the
photos for the contest and allowing
(maybe even encouraging) people to
discuss the location of the photos.  
Frankly I thought this was a great idea, I
mean the entire purpose for the contest
is to get people out traveling around the
state and spending money.  But others
did not agree, and were getting angrier
and angrier each day that the page
posted new photos, until finally, quietly,
they just stopped posting them.  Alas too
soon,  I still have several photos that I
have researched as much as I can and I
still cannot identify.

To get this photo we simply parked in the
lot and I walked over to the front of the
building and snapped the photo.  
Normally, Jim and I would have visited
the ruins located there.  In fact, for my
other scrapbook pages I need to return
here to take some photos, however, on
this extremely hot, and I do mean HOT
day, we had no desire to be walking
around the ruins.