Our third weekend out was to the Valley
of Fire Recreation Area, and I was in luck
there were five photos very close by.  
And two of those photos were at Lincoln
State Monument, a place I had always
wanted to go to but never stopped even
when I was driving right through it.  

Two of the photos were located in White
Oaks, NM.  A near ghost town, (although
there are quite a few residents there), it is
a heavily visited and photographed town
in our area.  When I began researching
these photos I was stumped for quite a
while.  The one of the square
schoolhouse building was so familiar to
me.  I knew I had been there, Jim knew
we had been there, but I could not place
it.  Finally, I ran across the photo on the
internet and while searching White Oaks,
stumbled upon the Brown Store Building
located there as well.

The Brown Store building was
constructed in 1893 (probably at the peak
of White Oaks population, and just prior
to its fadeout around 1900.

It was used at various times as a school, a
dance hall and offices.