Last stop for the day was Tucumcari,
where we would stay the night.  The
photo in Tucumcari was of the Blue
Swallow Motel.  This was also a photo
that due to the name being right on it
was and easy photo to identify.  

On the way to Tucumcari we drove
through the nearly abandoned town of
Cuervo.  There were dozens of
abandoned buildings which I was
anxious to take photos of, but we had
passed the exit, so I had made it a plan to
return there in the morning since we had
to back-track along this piece of road.

Once in Tucumcari we stopped at the
cemetery for Kathy to take some photos
and do a bit of upkeep work on the
graves of some of her husbands family

Then on to find the Blue Swallow Motel,
which we did, and snapped our shot and
then went on down the road where we
thought the Holiday Inn Express was, but
it was not,.  While we were driving I saw
many interesting motels occupied and
abandoned that I wanted to photograph,
but it had been a long day and I guess I
was not in the mood, but on the way
back by the Blue Swallow Kathy noticed
there was a gift shop so we stopped in.  

It was a really nice visit with the owners,
who have completely refurbished the old
motel, keeping everything as vintage and
authentic as possible.  They knew all
about the contest and had stories of
other who had stopped by and even
stayed at the motel while on the quest
the “Get The Picture”  

We finally found the Holiday Inn, and had
a great shower to wash off the long day,
and snuggled in for a good night sleep.