From Clovis it is on to Old Fort Sumner
to get the photo of Billy the Kid’s
headstone.  It is obvious, this is one of
the photos that was very easy to identify,
not quite so easy to find.

Again, using Kathy’s navigation system
the voice had us going in circles in the
small farms just east of the city of Fort
Sumner.  Until we snapped and realized
we had not plugged in the address to the
grave site of Billy the Kid (because we
did not have that) but just to the city of
Fort Sumner itself.  

Hungry and in need of a comfort stop we
headed into town where we stopped at
an Allsups, (which has now made me a
chimichunga addict).  While there we
asked directions to the grave site and
two giggling girls at the counter
proceeded to give us directions.  I was
worried they were giving us bad
directions on purpose due to their
laughter, but they were the correct

Got the photo and headed into the little
gift shop, where the man behind the
counter had a great story of a photo on
the wall of some depression era children
sitting on and standing around Billy’s
headstone.  He said a brother and two
sisters in the photo had come in some
months back and had brought in the
photo.  How cool!  They had come back
to visit the location of that photo.