On the weekend of June 9th, we attended
a wedding for Jim’s niece, Connie, which
was being held at Blue Spruce RV Park in
Vallecito, Colorado.  We took Jim’s
daughter, Yvette and his granddaughter,
Mariah, with us.  One the way up there
were two photo opportunities for photos.

The first was Saint Thomas Church in
Abiquiu.  Kathy identified this photo for
me. This was a quick little stop.  Just a
left off the main highway onto a dirty
road around a bend and there it was.  
This location had a very odd feeling to
me.  Houses all around the church, with
no particular street pattern, I could hear
voice as I got out to take the photo.  I felt
like I was in somebody’s back yard.  But
the lighting was good and I did get a nice
photo of the church.