With a camping trip canceled due to a
distance mis-calculation, Jim and I found
ourselves with a weekend to take a day
trip to investigate some of the
campgrounds in the Jemez mountains.  
We had been wanting to see them
because they are close and could make a
great "short trip" opportunity.  We had
been hearing conflicting stories and
wanted to see for ourselves if there were
camping options for us there.  Bonus for
this day trip was that there were several  
"Get the Picture" photo opportunities
along the way.

The first photo of the day was a real
"guess" photo.  I was pretty sure by the
contour of the mountains shown in the
original photo that I had the correct angle
and location, selecting the bridge on 550
in Bernalillo, but I was not completely
confident .  I was excited when low and
behold it was the correct photo.